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File Monitor 3.7


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File Monitor
File Monitor constantly watches over a folder or selection of folders for the appearance of new files. When one is detected, a custom action is carried out. This action, for example, can be to open the file in a compatible program. Files will only be dealt with once all of the data is present and has been copied over thoroughly. This makes File Monitor ideal for working with files of any size, including particularly large files such as movie files. Any incoming files may either be handled together or one-by-one.
File Monitor is ideal in many scenarios, for example, for watching FTP sites and folders. It can process incoming FTP files automatically, taking a great deal of manual work of your hands. Incoming files can be data-mined as well. Email attachments may be processed as soon as they are saved to disk and new files may be easily and quickly loaded into a database. These are just some of the many scenarios in which File Monitor can prove to be exceptionality useful.
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File Monitor
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Author: File Monitor Software
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